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After Nort comes alive, thanks to the Man in Black, everyone but Allie flees the

The Battle of Tull 3

The Battle of Tull #3 Comic Cover

bar. The Man in Black tells Allie to ask Nort what lies beyond death, that she'll want to know. She runs up stairs, into her room (where her and Roland are staying while she tells the story) and screams. The Man in Black gives Nort a letter to give to Allie.

Allie comes downstairs sometime later to see Nort eating devil grass. He says he wants to stop, and the Man in Black could have made it so, but he can't help it. Kennerly enters the bar and tries to fondle Allie, but she refuses his come ons. Nort gives Allie the letter.

The Man in Black's letter says that Nineteen will be the word that opens Nort's mind to what's beyond death, and one day, Allie will not be able to withstand not saying it.

Allie finishes her story and Roland tells her to try and forget Nineteen, and says he doesn't think he'll stay much longer, for he feels a trap. They bed together again, and in the morning Roland asks for a map, but only Kennerly has one, so Roland goes out and Allie cries, fearing he may leave. First he stops off into Sylvia Pittston 's church, where she is giving The Sermon on the Interloper.

Roland senses she is talking about him.