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The Battle of Tull 1

The Battle of Tull #1 Comic Cover (also used for the hardcover collection, minus issue number)

Roland finds himself in Pricetown and is approached by a top-hatted pimp. He offers Roland one of his "fine virgin ladies" but they are all pox ridden. Roland explains it's a horse he needs, not a whore. The pimp tells him that all the horses around are mutant horses. Roland finds this is so. The Stablekeeper only has the mutants and a mule, which he sells high to Roland. Roland also asks if the man has seen the Man in Black, and after Roland gives him more money, says it is so.

Roland rides on and finds the desolate town of Tull. He puts the mule up in Soobie Kennerly's stable. After asking a boy where to get a burger, he is directed to Sheb's. He enters the bar and walks up to the counter. He meets Allie, and orders three burgers and a beer. She leaves to make the food. Someone tries to pull a knife on Roland, but moves away when Roland tells him to step down.

Nort, the dead weed-eater, comes and puts his hand on Rolands shoulder when he is done eating. Everyone in the pub clears out and Roland gives Nort a piece of gold when Nort asks for it in exchange for a favor. Nort knows the High Speech. After Roland asks for more information, Allie asks him to sleep with her first.

While Roland is lying with Allie, Sheb slams open her bedroom door "She's mine!!!" He exclaims.