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Roland leaves Slyvia's church and heads to Kennerly's to ask what is out in the

The Battle of Tull 4

The Battle of Tull #4 Comic Cover

desert. Kennerly tells Roland that it is vast, and all that is out there is waste lands and demons. He pays Kennerly to keep taking care of his mule, and leaves.

Roland asks Allie where Sylvia's house is, and after he finds out, he goes there. She is waiting for him, to tell him that she has God's child. It turns out that the Man in Black slept with her, making the child actually evil. He asks her where the Man in Black went, but she doesn't say at first. He proceeds to abort her baby (being implied that he shoves his gun in her vaginal tract) and Sylvia gives in, telling Roland the Man in Black is in the mountains. Roland leaves.

Roland goes to get his mule to leave town. One of Kennerly's daughters tries to hit him with a plank of wood, but Roland blocks it. He gets his mule, packs his stuff from Allie's and begins to leave town. However, he runs into all the towns people, led by Sylvia, and they all want to kill him.