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Roland is in the Man in Black's trap that he left in Tull: Sylvia Pittston is leadi

The Battle of Tull 5

The Battle of Tull #5 Comic Cover

ng all of Tull's towns people to kill Roland. Roland shoots at the ground, intending to get the townfolk to back off, but they proceed to throw wood at him. From the crowd Sheb approaches with Allie in front of him, using her as a human shield.

Allie is raving mad, claiming she told Nort "Nineteen" and that she knows now what lies beyond death, and requests Roland kills her. Sheb doesn't think Roland will, but he does. He shoots Sheb, and then the rest of the townsfolk rush towards him.

Roland begins firing, killing many of the townsfolk in a matter of seconds before retreating into a barbershop to reload. The townsfolk break the windows and try to swarm Roland, but quick as Roland is with his guns, kills more of them. He once again runs out of bullets and using a barrel and steaming water as his weapons. He retreats outside to reload again.

The townsfolk come out of the barbershop and Jubal Kennerly throws a board at Roland. Roland staggers back, but opens fire again, killing Kennerly and his daughters. The townsfolk look horrified, and for a moment, Roland believes they are going to stop. Then a man begins running in a circle, screaming, a woman begins to cackle and Sylvia commands the townsfolk back to killing Roland.

Roland shoots Sylvia in the forehead, killing her. He tells the townsfolk it is over, but they run towards him again. Now Roland shows no mercy, and kills all but one man. The man tries to run, but Roland says it's to late, and kills him too. Roland begins counting the dead and comes across Nort, also dead, with a horse-shoe print on his head, tied up. Roland cuts him down and puts him among the rest of the dead.

Roland goes into Sheb's and believes he sees Allie, but he is wrong. Roland leaves mid-morning, and all the bodies are now gone. He leaves Tull, the Man in Black's trap, where Roland slayed thirty-nine men, fourteen women, and five children (for a body count of fifty eight).