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The Battle of Jericho Hill chapter one

The Battle of Jericho Hill #1 Comic Cover

Seven years have passed since The Fall of Gilead and the remaining Gunslingers find themselves once more looking upon the ruins of Gilead. Marten Broadcloak is also there and they all watch as a Beam-Quake destroys some of the already ruined city. Marten flies away as the city crumbles, shooting lightning down at Sheemie who nearly falls down a fissure the Beam-Quake causes, luckily Alain Johns saves him. Several hours later Sheemie awakens and informs them of a vision he had whilst unconscious.

The manifestations of the Beams visited him, all covered in blood. They tell him one of their brothers now lays dead and that they are weakening. Aileen Ritter realizes this is the Beams talking, and that the Eagle-Lion beam has just been destroyed, luckily though for the moment the remnants of the Beam still exist.

It is then Roland devises the plan to follow remnants of the magnetic beam right to the Dark Tower itself and restore the order of their world.


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