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The Battle of Jericho Hill chapter four

The Battle of Jericho Hill #4 Comic Cover

Roland Deschain and his allies, alongside General DeMullet, devise a plan to attack Rimrocks, aiming to crush John Farson's central ammo dump and tank stronghold. Although information was gathered on this stronghold by Randolph, Alain Johns feels uneasy about the situation.

Randolph asks for his son back from Farson and Marten Broadcloak disguises himself as a crow.

DeMullet is killed at Rimrocks when it is revealed the site has been long since disused. It is then that Randolph's betrayal is realized.

Roland and Cuthbert Allgood find another encampment close to theirs, and wonder why Randolph had not found it. In the ensuing battle, they kill Alain by accident, believing him to be one of Farson's men. His last words to them tell them of Randolph's betrayal.

Cuthbert confronts Randolph, who kills himself.

Marten comes to Roland disguised as a crow. Roland fires; Marten turns back into a crow and escapes. Farson's army then attacks.


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