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For the author, see Stephen King (Author)

“He was touched by the Crimson King when he was just a child, but it seems we won him over to our side.”
   — Roland Deschain about Stephen King

Stephen King is a fictional character who plays a central role in The Dark Tower Series. He is able to channel the spirit of Gan and write stories about Roland Deschain's world.

Role in The Dark Tower Series[]

The Crimson King wished to have him killed. King was in increased danger whenever he was working on a book in The Dark Tower Series. The first time the King tried to kill Stephen King was when King was a child. He was in a barn with some chickens and a flood of red spiders poured out of them and chased after him.

In Song of Susannah, Eddie and Roland go visit Stephen, who is at a stand still and is afraid to write about The Dark Tower. Since Roland knows Stephen King is his creator, he hypnotises Stephen and tells him to listen for the song of the Turtle, and when he hears it, to write. Roland also tells King to forget about seeing them. After this, even when Stephen doesn't write a Dark Tower book, what he's working on is still connected to them.

The Crimson King's efforts to kill Stephen came to a head in 1999 when Stephen King was almost killed by Bryan Smith in a car accident. King was saved by Jake Chambers when Jake pushed him out of the way of Smith's truck. Jake died in the accident.

When Stephen writes the seventh volume he leaves Susannah a message in Joe Collins' bathroom, knowing she would swat her face when she laughed (causing the sore on her mouth to bleed), in the bathroom. It helps her deduce that Joe Collins is in fact Dandelo, because when they came to Odd's Lane, the " 's " was scrawled there (leaving Odd Lane, and anagram for Dandelo). She is able to save Roland from laughing to death.