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Stephen Edwin King is an American author who has written 57 novels (7 under his pen name), five non-fiction works, and nine collections of short stories. His books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide. Many of his books have been adapted in to feature films. Most of his books have some relation to The Dark Tower Series, the series that he considers to be his magnum opus.

Personal Life[]

He is married to Tabitha King and has three children: Naomi, Joe, and Owen. All but Naomi are published writers. He has lived most of his life in Maine, but spent a brief time in Boulder, Colorado.

In 1999, he was hit by a van driven by Bryan Smith. He was severely injured and almost gave up writing after the accident.

Complete Bibliography[]

* Denotes works related to the Dark Tower series
+ Denotes collections of short stories
± Denotes works written as Richard Bachman

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