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The "Sköldpadda" is a scrimshaw turtle found by Susannah Dean in Song of Susannah. It was found inside a pocket in the Mid-World bowling bag, the bag used to contain Black Thirteen, and was found in the vacant lot. Its name was given to it by Mathiessen Van Wyck, a Swedish businessman; sköldpadda is the Swedish word for turtle. (Literally "shield toad") It is made from ivory and it is extremely old.

The sköldpadda has a number of powers. It has the power to hypnotize anyone that sees it, allowing the bearer to plant suggestions in the viewer's mind and even erase memories. It was used in the Dixie Pig by Jake Chambers and Donald Callahan as a weapon against the vampires and can-toi and is lost by him.


Sköldpadda as found on Discordia

It is then re-found during the on-line game Discordia under a table by Op19 bearing a small scratch shaped like a question mark.

The source of its power is Maturin, one of the guardians of the beams. It appears to be one of the "can tah" or little gods.