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Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street is the site of the Rose. Over the years, it has been home to a number of different buildings.

Tom and Jerry's Artistic Deli[]

The corner used to have a delicatessan on it. The deli was gone in 1977, Jake Chambers' when.
The deli once had a sign that read, "Party Platters Our Specialty".

The Vacant Lot[]

The Garden of the Rose

The Vacant Lot as envisioned by several contributors on Flickr

After the Tom and Jerry's was torn down, the corner was referred to as 'the vacant lot', 'the garden of the rose', or simply 'the lot'. At this time, if you climbed the fence, you were able to see the Rose.

The fence surrounding the vacant lot had a number of graffiti on it including:

2 Hammarskjöld Plaza[]

After the formation of the Tet Corporation in 1977, the company built a tower on the site in order to protect the Rose. The tower had a garden on its first floor with a plaque that changed so that it was legible to everyone regardless of language. Some people even started calling the building "The Dark Tower".


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