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Roy Burton Depape was one of the Big Coffin Hunters encountered by Roland and his ka-tet in Hambry. He wasn't very clever and was very spiteful. He had an obsession with a fifteen year old prostitute named Deborah (whose real name was Gert Moggins and was jokingly referred to as Her Nibs) who wouldn't give up working, this often caused Roy to become very upset.

He was the youngest member of the Big Coffin Hunters aged twenty-five and was used for his expertise in being a thief by Eldred to assassinate the Chairman of the Ritzy Coalworker's Guild.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

Wizard and Glass[]

He makes his first appearance in The Traveller's Rest whilst playing cards with Clay Reynolds and another man. The stand-off later at The Traveller's Rest was caused by one of Roy's black moods and was triggered when Sheemie spilled beer on his boots. As punishment for his outburst, he was sent to follow the back-trail of the "In-World brats" by Eldred Jonas. While in Ritzy, Roy discovered Will Dearborn's true identity. On orders from Eldred, Roy killed Mayor Hart Thorin and left Cuthbert's rook skull known as the "Lookout" and a drawing of Farson's sigul at the scene. He was killed by Roland who shot Roy in the throat during The Battle of Mejis, in the comic he is killed by Cuthbert during the same battle as his dinh, Eldred Jonas.

Long Road Home[]

He makes a very brief appearance in The Long Road Home when Roland's soul is trapped in Maerlyn's Grapefruit. He sole purpose is to torment Roland while he is trapped there. The character we see if merely a vision generated by the sphere.