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Rowan Magruder is the owner of the shelter called Home. He was the friend and boss of Lupe Delgado and Donald Callahan. He was tortured by The Hitler Brothers and later died of those wounds.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

Magruder took Father Callahan under his wing, after the start of the priest's wanderings. He gave Callahan a job and trusted him to stay sober and to take care of the homeless people.

After Callahan left Home to travel the Highways in Hiding, Magruder's work became nationally recognized. The Mayor of Manhattan personally thanked him for his efforts and he appeared on the cover of Time Magazine.

Magruder was found by the Hitler Brothers and was tortured in the effort to discover Callahan's whereabouts. Magruder refused to tell them anything and he ended up in the hospital. When Callahan heard of the attack, he left the Highways in Hiding and returned to New York City to visit Magruder's hospital room. Magruder was also visited by his sister who blamed Callahan for his injuries.

He later died as a result of those injuries.