Rose Madder
Cover artist
Horror, Fantasy
Publication date
June, 1995
The Green Mile

Rose Madder is a 1995 novel by Stephen King. It deals with the domestic abuse and subsequent attempt to escape by Rose Daniels and her travels within a painting.

Brief SynopsisEdit

Rose is a victim of domestic abuse from her husband, Norman. She doesn't leave him for years because he is a policeman and she is afraid he will find her. Eventually, she does leave him after realizing that he's going to kill her one day. She arrives in a city in the Midwest and ends up in a shelter for battered women. She tries to pawn her engagement ring only to find out that it's worthless, so trades it in for a painting. Rose notices that the painting changes sometimes and she ultimately ends up traveling through it. She meets two women there: one named Dorcas and a woman dressed in a gown whom Rose refers to as "Rose Madder" - because of the color of her gown and her evident insanity. Rose Madder (most likely her twinner) promises to help her out if Rose can rescue her baby from the bull, Erinyes. Rose does and returns to her world. Norman finds Rose, but she tricks him into visiting the world of the painting. Rose Madder kills Norman for Rose and Rose returns to her world to live and remarry.

Connection to the Dark Tower SeriesEdit

Rose Madder and Dorcas meet and spend time with each other in the city of Lud.

The womens' shelter that Rose lives in is located on Dearborn Ave, Will Dearborn being an alias of Roland Deschain.

The phenomenon of ka is mentioned.

Dorcas claims that she and Rose are "well-met", a phrase that is often used in Mid-World.

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