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Robert Allgood is the father of Cuthbert, descendant directly from Sir Bertrand Allgood. He began his gunslinger training at age six where he met Steven Deschain and Christopher Johns. He became well known for his lightning fast reflexes and great understanding of the many dialects of Mid-World.

He earned his guns at the age eighteen, receiving his fathers guns who had died when he was sixteen in the Barony of Desatoya.

He is present when his son leaves for Hambry and also is present later when Cuthbert undergoes his coming of age, becoming a true gunslinger.

He is part of an expedition to stop a group of Farson's men which is successful.

Later he accompanies Steven and Christopher out of Gilead to follow John Farson and Marten Broadcloak. They lose him and upon returning are attacked by a group of Slow Mutants. In the fight Robert is hit by a poisoned dart and dies instantly.