River Crossing is a town in Mid-World that lies along the Path of the Beam in the barony known as The River Barony, a land of great rolling plains. It is close to the city of Lud. Despite looking abandoned and run-down, it is actually inhabited by a number of older people. The dilapidated nature of the town is a camouflage so that the Grays and Pubes don't take what little they have.

Roland and his ka-tet travel through this town while on their journey for the tower. At first they ready themselves for a possible coming battle thinking that bandits might inhabit the dilapidated buildings, but are taken by surprise when they discover that many old folks live in the town. When Roland is recognized as a gunslinger, the old folks of River Crossing pay him tribute and bring him to a beautiful garden, the last of the world before it had moved on. Here they cook the finest foods they can for their guests.

Through palaver in the garden, the old folks of River Crossing tell Roland and ka-tet of how their part of the world moved on and some of the trials they might find just down the road in the city of Lud. After this meeting the leader of the Old people, Aunt Talitha, gives Roland a silver cross necklace. She requests that he lay it at the foot of the Dark Tower when he eventually comes to the tower.

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