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Dinky Earnshaw is the main character from the short story Everything's Eventual and is a breaker. He helped Roland and his tet free the Breakers from Algul Siento.  He is friends with fellow Breakers Ted Brautigan and Sheemie.

In Everything's Eventual[]

Earnshaw always knew he had some kind of deal, but didn't know how to use it. He learned more about how to harness it when he killed his neighbor's vicious dog. He later used his powers to kill a bully, Skipper Brannigan, and is recruited into the Trans Corporation by Mr. Sharpton. He is flown to Peoria, Illinois to do a week-long training course to focus and sharpen his talent. Sharpton calls people with these traits "trannies." Dinky’s gift is using strange symbols to force people to kill themselves. Trans Corp moves him to a small home to begin his work.

Dinky soon starts using his gift to eliminate targets that Trans Corp has told him are very bad individuals. He simply writes them a letter or sends them an email with his symbols. With emails he doesn’t have to know who he is killing but sometimes he has to send actual letters and through this he learns some of his victims names.

One day while he is out of the house he discovers one of his victims was not the bad guy he was led to believe. Through research Dinky comes to realize that all his victims weren’t bad people at all, just random people Trans Corp needed out of the way. He quickly discovers they have just been using him as a glorified hitman.

Dinky is eventually contacted by an unknown person who offers to help free him from Trans Corp. Dinky decides to flee but before he does he sends a final deadly email to his handler at Trans Corp, Mr. Sharpton.

Though we are never told how, Dinky is eventually captured by henchmen of the Crimson King and transported to Thunderclap to serve as a breaker.

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