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Rando Thoughtful, previously known as Austin Cornwell, was the Crimson King's minister of state. In his former life, he lived in one of the Multiple Americas and worked in advertising. He became a trusted adviser to the King. He was later killed by Mordred Deschain.


Austin Cornwell was born in upstate New York in one of the Multiple Americas. His father was Andrew John Cornwell who lived in Tioga Springs, New York. Austin worked at the Niagara Mall. Later, he worked in advertising and ran the Takuro Spirit and Nozz-A-La accounts for his company. He was recruited by the Crimson King and moved to Mid-World, where he became his minister of state.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

When Crimson King left his castle for the Dark Tower, he left Thoughtful behind, along with Brass and Compson, as a trap for Roland Deschain. They posed as an uffi who took the form of Stephen King. Roland was able to penetrate the illusion and Thoughtful regained his natural form, an old, diseased man covered in pimples and sores. Roland spared his life and left him behind. When Mordred encountered him, Mordred killed him and fed his eyes to the King's Rooks.