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Ralph Roberts was the main protagonist in Insomnia. He is a 70 year old man who suffers from insomnia after his wife's death.


In Insomnia, Ralph begins to suffer from insomnia after his wife's death. He begins to see auras and Little Bald Doctors. Two of these doctors, Clothos and Lachesis, give Ralph the task to stop Ed Deepneau before Ed murdered everyone at the Susan Day pro-choice speech. Ralph succeeds with the help of Lois, who becomes his new wife near the end of the novel. Ralph passes away at the end of the novel.

Role in The Dark Tower Series[]

Clothos and Lachesis ulterior motive for having Ralph save the people at the Derry Civic Center was to save one person. This person was Patrick Danville, a boy who prophecised and drew about Roland Deschain, The Dark Tower and The Crimson King. It was through The Crimson King's influence that Ed decided to kill the pro-choice activists. When Ralph saves Patrick Danville, he saves a boy that will eventually be the end of the Crimson King.