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The Queen O'Green Days is the goddess of spring in Mid-World. Worshipped by farmers she is the patroness of lambs, chicks, calves, foals and kids. She also acts as the protector of new growth and young children.

Depictions of her usually show her dressed in gown of green leaves, crowned with fruits and flowers and is seen as a young fertile woman.

Her worship is not widely spread across Mid-World, however she is acknowledged during the Fair Days of Wide-Earth and Sowing. During these ceremonies basket offerings are given filled with sharproot, gourds and winterberries to try to gain her favor. Previous to this she was worshipped centrally around fertility festivals. Young girls would dress in in green and dance across spring fields, later to be joined by young men in yellow who would mate with them in the fields to ensure the fruitfulness of the earth. All babies conceived during this rite were highly lucky in peoples eyes.

This practice is still carried out in some remote locations however elsewhere it is now merely symbolic.

As with other Mid-World deities she loves riddles, it is believed riddles done during the Fair Day of Wide Earth awaken her from her long wintery sleep.