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Pimli Prentiss (born Paul Prentiss) was the final warden of Algul Siento. He was tall, overweight, and balding.

Prentiss adopted the taheen name Pimli during his induction ceremony as warden. He was recruited by the Crimson King to run the Devar-Toi where the Breakers were held. He got the job by replying to a help-wanted ad in a daily newspaper. His recruitment was similar to Ted Brautigan's in that he was transported from our world to Roland's.

Pimli is shown to be cautious in his service to the Crimson King. He is one of the more sympathetic antagonists in the series. He was a devout Catholic.

Pimli was killed by Roland Deschain during the Battle of Algul Siento, but managed to mortally wound Eddie Dean before his death.