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Patrick 'Pat' Delgado is the father of Susan Delgado and owner of a horse ranch. He was a strong believer in honor and keeping one's word and had a tanned face and stubbled chin. His proficiency with horses made him well known in the Inner and Outer Baronies. He was so good he became Mejis' official Stockliner, which he held for over thirty years. This title put him in charge of virtually all the horses in the Barony. He ran his work from the makeshift office he constructed at the back of his stable.

He never owned the land he lived on; his excellent work with horses ensured that the mayor, Hart Thorin, would allow him to live on the land.

He was a kind-hearted family man, raising Susan on his own. He even took his sister in when she needed help, and could often be seen smoking his 'red thinking pipe'.

As Stockliner he often dealt with the Horseman's Association and formed a friendship with Fran Lengyll. This was his undoing, as he learned they wished to join with John Farson, a decision which he violently opposed. They murdered him. It appears that his sister, Cordelia Delgado, knew of the plan to kill him.

They covered up his murder by saying that his horse, Ocean Foam, killed him.