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Our Lady Of The Rose

Our Lady of the Rose sigil

Our Lady Of The Rose is a convent in Debaria in the Barony of New Canaan that worships Gan. The Little Sisters of the Rose wear an all-white habit, embroidered with the symbol of a dusky Rose, and a wimple.[1] They have a friar.

The convent was established 300 years ago and is a walled estate of pastures, fields and barns. They produce enough food that they give aid to the refugees displaced by John Farson. Of late, the Big Sister of the order has decided the Sisters should spent one quarter of each year tending to those injured by John Farson; their white tents are a common sight on battlefields. The building is surrounded by the "stone-guardians", each representing a different animal from the Beams. These guardians adorn the tops of each of the twelve entrances into the convent which all lead to the central tower where the Sisters worship what is supposed to act as a symbol of the Dark Tower.

Many pilgrims come to this retreat to see the rose garden they have there. It is said it all grew from a lone flower from the Can'-Ka No Rey, and so, they are believed to have the same healing powers as the roses from Can'-Ka No Rey. Some say they have been healed by the rose and some say they can hear it sing.

In the north-west corner is a drab building where women go to repent for their sins. They are made to wear black, and when they first enter, their forehead is smeared with ashes, a symbol of their guilt. It is believed as the ash fades away, so do the woman's sins. Gabrielle Deschain stays here when she wishes to repent for cheating on her husband. When Gabrielle goes to repent, she speaks to the friar, who turns out to be Marten Broadcloak in disguise. She is once again seduced by him, body and mind, again betraying her husband.

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