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The Oracle at the Stone Circle in the Willows seduces Roland

“Demons with no shape, only a kind of unformed sexual glare with the eye of prophecy.”
   — Unknown

Oracles are a type of lesser demon left over when the Prim receded, adapting to the new worlds created by Gan.

These spirits are always trapped inside stone circles and in ancient times were fed human sacrifices. They can be of either gender and can give prophecies if you offer them sex. However this is extremely dangerous if the person wishing to hear prophecy is not well versed in the ways of demons; they will most likely have their soul devoured.

They feed off khef although their favourite food is human desire.

It is noted in the on-line game Discordia that a spirit of the departed can be summoned using Prophetic Jawbones and forced to act as an Oracle.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

One of the Demon Elementals posed as a mere Oracle when Roland came upon the speaking ring in the Cyclopean Mountains. Roland was unaware of its true identity and sought information about the Man in Black and the Dark Tower.