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The Norman Family Pendants are a set of pendants that belong to the members

James Pendant

"James + Loved of family, Loved of God"

of the Norman family. Roland Deschain finds the first one on a dead boy named James during the events of The Little Sisters of Eluria.

The pendant is gold in color and reads "James + Loved of Family, Loved of God". Roland takes it before burying James and says that if he sees anyone that cared about the boy, if ka let him, he would give the pendant back.

The pendant protects Roland from the Little Sister's touch when they have him captive.

When put in the infirmary in the Little Sisters' Tent, Roland encounters James' brother, John Norman, who also had one of the pendants to protect himself. John's reads the same thing as James' does, except for his name.

The Little Sisters, knowing they can't touch John with it on, get Ralph to take it off for them.

It can be assumed everyone in the Norman family held one of these pendants.