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Network Down Cover

The cover of Network Down- An Apocalyptic Novel

Network Down- An Apocalyptic Novel is a novel by Jeremy Lackey. The novel is an unofficial sequel to Stephen King's Dark Tower series, as well as the first book in the Network Down series. The novel can be read here, as it is regularly updated: Network Down


The basic premise of Network Down was developed in late 2014, after Jeremy Lackey read The Dark Tower series. It was originally going to be a novel about the world ending after the crash of the Internet, but he saw other meaningful, more wholesome routes to take with the story. He was displeased with the circular ending of the Dark Tower series, and wished to give it a final ending, as well as a way to develop all-new stories. 

Basic Summary[]

Network Down takes place in an alternate version of Earth, where four twinners of the Dark Tower protagonists reside. These include Michael Freeburg (Roland Deschain), an ancient loner in search of the ever-elusive Dark Man; Cameron Daniels (Jake Chambers), a 14-year old gay youth who has little to live for; Kelly Coleman (Susannah Dean), shunned from her family, who deals with a crippling social anxiety disorder, and Barney Axton (Eddie Dean), who suffers from an extreme heroin addiction. However, after the Dark Man destroys life as they know it, they must team up to stop him and save the Tree of Gan (also known as the Rose, and the Dark Tower).