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Nell Ross was one of the characters in The Wind Through the Keyhole (tale). She was the widower of Big Ross and the mother to Tim Ross.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

The Wind Through the Keyhole[]

After Big Ross' murder (said by Big Kells to be from a dragon), Nell worried how she would pay the taxes on the land when The Covenant Man came to Tree. Big Kells, who had already been infatuated with Nell since her, Kells and Big Ross were friends, proposed to her. The second time, she accepts.

The marriage quickily turns savage, with Big Kells hitting Nell on the first night. Nell lies about the bruises to her son, Tim, but he knows better. After Tim opens Big Kell's trunk with the key that The Covenant Man gives him, and finds his father's lucky coin inside, Big Kells gives Nell another beating, this time so severe that she goes blind.

Tim sets on a journey to find Maerlyn and when he returns he has magical eyedrops that heal her vision. He also gives her Big Ross' old axe, as Maerlyn instructed him to. When Tim goes into the parlor and is ambushed by Big Kells, Nell hits him in the head with Big Ross' axe, killing him.