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A Mind Dogan is a virtual Dogan created by a person's (or creature's) thoughts. It is generally a metaphor for a living person or creature's brain. A mind Dogan can only be accessed by the particular creator of the Dogan; although powerful minded individuals (like Mordred Deschain) can access other's Dogans.

Jake's Mind Doban[]

While trying to escape some of the Crimson King's servants beneath the Dixie Pig, Jake Chambers feels an unseen hand fiddling with the controls in his mind. Before he can slam all the doors shut, the damage is already done. The Old Ones' mind-trap was already set, taking the form of a giant dinosaur. Jake switches places with Oy's mind Dogan, which isn't affected by the Old Ones' trap.

Susannah's Mind Dogan[]

Susannah Dean's mind Dogan is actually a version of the actual Dogan that was located in Calla Bryn Sturgis. In the mind Dogan, Susannah can monitor the chap growing inside her, regulate contractions, and send out psychic messages to Eddie Dean. Some of the controls are stamped North Central Positronics.

Walter's Mind Dogan[]

Walter Padick, unlike the others that have mind Dogans, knew that he could be accessed. He tried to prevent this by wearing a Thinking Cap. The main switch in Walter's mind is ambulation. While Walter tries to trick Mordred (so he can get Mordred's red heel and reach the Dark Tower), Mordred turns this switch off and forces Walter to submit and feed himself to Mordred.

Young Bumbler's Mind Dogan[]

According to Mordred, a young Billy-Bumbler's mind Dogan is not too complicated. Mordred can easily shut down a bumbler's mind Dogan and devour the creature.