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The Mind-trap is a piece of technology left over from the height of the Old Ones' civilization. It is located underneath the Dixie Pig and is used to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the door to Fedic.

The mind-trap is capable of reading a person's mind and finding their deepest fears. It then uses its projectors to make those fears a reality, capable of inducing harm to the intruder. These manifestations are invisible to others.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

The mind-trap is seen in The Dark Tower as Jake Chambers and Oy are trying to find Susannah Dean. The mind-trap creates cartoon dinosaurs from Jake's memory. These dinosaurs are from a movie that scared Jake as a child. Jake is able to make it past the mind-trap by switching places with Oy, allowing Oy to carry the billy-bumbler version of Jake.

The mind-trap is destroyed by the group of taheen and can-toi that were pursuing them. They lacked the subtlety of Jake and simply shot the projectors.