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Mid-World is one of the many worlds or levels of the Dark Tower. It is the world that Roland Deschain inhabits. It is also the only world from which it is possible to enter the Dark Tower. Arthur Eld once united all of Mid-World under his rule and it was known for a time as the Kingdom of All-World.

Confusion About Name[]

There is some confusion about the name of Roland's world. Sometimes, his world appears to be referred to as All-World. Also, the name, Mid-World, can also refer to a specific part of the greater Mid-World. However, the use of All-World is almost exclusively used in conjunction with Arthur Eld, being called "All-World-that-was". The definitive statement comes from The Dark Tower Concordance written by Robin Furth:

"Although Mid-World was the name of a specific historical kingdom, Stephen King uses this term when he needs to refer (in general terms) to Roland's world."

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End World Map

Mid-World is generally divided up into three sections: In-World, Mid-World, and End-World.

In-World is the geographic center of All-World, and home to the Inner Baronies. Before the world "moved on", In-World was the center of civilization. The Barony of New Canaan and its capital, Gilead, were located here.

Mid-World (the section) contains such land as River Crossing, Lud, and the Wastelands. The line between Mid-World and End-World is formed by the arc of the Callas.

End-World is the location of the Dark Tower itself. Between the Dark Tower and the Callas are Thunderclap, the White Lands of Empathica, and the Can'-Ka No Rey. It is also noted that there is an oil refinery somewhere here.