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Mejis Sigil

Sigil of Mejis

Mejis is an outer barony that is part of The Affiliation in Roland's youth. Mejis is the main setting in Wizard and Glass where Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are sent to see if the Barony has thrown in their lot with John Farson whilst posing as drovers looking to buy horses, they also have to check whether they are refining oil to power weapons of the Great Old Ones. The capital of the barony is the Town of Hambry which houses many of the residents. Mejis is known for its horses and fishing industry.

To the east of the Barony is the Barony of Tepachi, to the west is New Canaan, to the north one reaches the desert. It is implied the Barony is a promontory with its southern border being along the Clean Sea.

Notable Residents[]