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The Little Sisters, also known as the Little Sisters of the Rose is a women's monastic order dedicated to the care of the sick, hungry, and injured as well as to the healing of the soul.[1]

Each sister dons a white wimple, decorated with a dusky rose on the front, and dedicates herself to charity, chastity, and the khef. They deeply empathize with all suffering people and feel their trials, pains, and sorrows as their own. During the war with John Farson, they would set-up white tents and tend to the injured, bury the dead, and console the grieving.[1]

Their convent Our Lady Of The Rose was located in Debaria, where many would seek refuge or solace. Gabrielle Deschain spent time here to atone for her adultery with Marten Broadcloak.

At the center of their compound is a sacred garden of roses, surrounding a temple in the shape of the Dark Tower. The garden was grown from a single rose brought back from the fields of Can'-Ka No Rey itself by the Big Sister of the day. However, during her travels she also brought back a malicious shadow that infected the order, killing several sisters, who would then miraculously return from the dead. These sisters would set-up separate tents and were able to mysteriously heal many patients, although some would also go missing. In time, the Big Sister discovered that these resurrected sisters had been transformed into vampires and were feasting on some of their patients. While the order was able to rid itself of the initial vampire infestation, the shadow fled, presumably creating more vampiric sisters in time.<name="rose"/>

One of these vampire cadres operated a field infirmary outside the town of Eluria. Presenting themselves as a quasi-monastic order similar in fashion to nuns, wearing white wimples decorated with a blood-red rose, they prey on the sick and injured by first nursing them toward health (through an as-yet unknown association with the Cam Tam), and then feeding on them. [2]

The Little Sisters can appear either in human form or in their native (and monstrous) vampiric state.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

During the events of The Little Sisters of Eluria, they succeed in capturing Roland Deschain, who later escapes with the help of Sister Jenna.


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