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The Little Bald Doctors were three superior beings that appeared in Insomnia. There were three bald doctors in total. Two served The Purpose (Clotho and Lachesis) while the other served The Random (Atropos). It is their job to cut any being's lifeline (or streamer) when it is time for them to pass on. Clotho and Lachesis only acted upon a person's streamer at their appointed "time," but Atropos took his victims randomly - as a result, those he killed usually died in random acts of violence, tragedies, or accidents. Their names were derived from the Greek Fates that were responsible for: spinning the thread of life (Clotho), measuring the thread of life (Lachesis), and cutting the thread of life (Atropos).

Role in The Dark Tower Series[]


The Little Bald Doctors seem to know much about Ka and the different levels of The Dark Tower. Clotho and Lachesis were trying to help Ralph Roberts save Patrick Danville who would become important in The Dark Tower Series. Atropos, on the other hand, wanted to kill Patrick.