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Kimba Rimer was a very tall man (at least five inches taller than Roland) with a skeleton like figure and a pair of pince-nez spectacles.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

When he was first made Chancellor he moved into the mayor's mansion at Seafront, and though his duty was to the people he cared little for their welfare merely interesting in gaining as much wealth as possible and centring his devotion on becoming the next mayor after Hart Thorin. He looted Hambry's treasury keeping half for himself, and bestowing the rest to John Farson to fuel his armies. With the aid of his brother Laslo they secretly supplied Farson with food, oil and weapons.

It was Kimba who ultimately decided to instate the Big Coffin Hunters as sheriffs of Hambry though most believe it to have been Hart Thorin's idea. He also, along with Fran Lengyll and John Croyden, one of the first people to meet the Big Coffin Hunters when they first arrived in Hambry; and it was he who said Maerlyn's Grapefruit should be given to Rhea of the Cöos for safe keeping and during this he made an off-handed comment about Clay Reynolds cloak causing Clay to deeply resent the man.

The man always seemed sincere to the Big Coffin Hunters but despised them heavily even though he was their employer.

Months later, during the time when Hart Thorin was killed in the hope of framing the three gunslingers, Roland, Cuthbert and Alain, Clay snuck into Kimba's room and killed him.