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Ka-tet is a word from the High Speech meaning "one [made] from many" or "a group of people summoned by ka". The word usually refers to Roland's ka-tet in the Dark Tower series. Still, other examples can be found within the series.

Original Ka-tet[]

Roland's original ka-tet was composed of individuals who were his childhood friends and attended gunslinger training with him (his ka-tet).

  • Cuthbert Allgood: A free spirit and kindly fellow who constantly made jokes. He was a skilled fighter and was privileged to hold Roland's horn during the Battle of Jericho Hill. He died when he was shot with an arrow through the eye. He is identified with Eddie. His family was as ancient as Roland's.
  • Alain Johns: He was accidentally killed by Roland and Cuthbert when he rode on ahead in the dark and came back to inform them. He possessed the ability known as "The Touch" and is thus linked with Jake Chambers, yet his cool attitude links him to Susannah. His family was as ancient as Roland's, also.
  • Jamie De Curry: Also known as “Jamie Red Hand” by Roland, he was the son of Gilead’s most prestigious doctor, but became more focused on proving himself physically because of his birthmark that gave him his name. He is said to have been skilled with the bow and "bah" and bolt. He also carried a pouch of healing herbs. He was killed when sacrificing himself to save Roland after shoving him out of the way of a sniper’s bullet.

the Ka-tet

Second Ka-tet[]

With the exception of Father Callahan and Oy Roland's second ka-tet came from different "whens" of New York City. He took it upon himself to train them to become gunslingers. Roland notes that his second ka-tet possess traits from his original ka-tet all stemming from Stephen King's theme of the Wheel of Ka.

Other Ka-tets[]