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Justus was a spy for John Farson who had infiltrated Gilead and was trusted by the gunslingers. He bore the same tattoos as the Big Coffin Hunters on his right hand.

He took Steven Deschain and the others to ambush a group of Farson's men. He was originally supposed to betray them and have them killed by Farson's men until Farson changed his plans and had his men killed instead.

He informed the agents of Farson that Maerlyn's Grapefruit was stored away in Steven Deschain's safe and later informs Gabrielle Deschain where it is located so she can steal it.

Later he informs Steven that he must attack Farson head on as he currently is not in a position to fight back, they agree and his betrayal is finally realized when Farsons army is seen to be at full strength. He dies in the ensueing fight.