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John Cullum is a resident of Stoneham, Maine. He lives in a house next to Keywadin Pond. He has a valuable collection of baseball memorabilia, including a baseball signed by Babe Ruth. He becomes a founding member of the Tet Corporation.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

Cullum met Roland Deschain and Eddie Dean in the general store in Stoneham in 1977. He helped Roland and Eddie in the shoot-out with Jack Andolini. After they escaped the store, Cullum took them back to his house where he told them of Stephen King, Turtleback Lane, and the "walk-ins". He lends them his old Ford Galaxie and is told to head to Vermont.

Cullum eventually came back into the story, as he failed to leave for Vermont like he was told. He was called by Eddie when he and Roland needed help establishing the Tet Corporation. Cullum was given Aunt Talitha's Cross to use as a sigul to convince Moses Carver to join up. Cullum was shot in 1989, presumably by a member of the Sombra Corporation or North Central Positronics. He survived long enough to see the other members of the Ka-Tet of the Rose one more time and to pass the cross onto Carver.