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John's Billy-Bumbler was a Billy-Bumbler that followed Roland Deschain through Gilead, to John Farson's Dogan in Kingstown. These events take place during The Journey Begins.

Role in The Dark Tower Series[]

John's Billy-Bumbler was a great help to Roland during the events of The Journey Begins.

He is not given an official name in the story, although Roland calls him "Billy" once. He once belonged to John, but John died almost immediately after Roland finds John and his Billy-Bumbler. John's Bumbler is smart and can convey to Roland that it was Not-Men that attacked John and the others (Roland first thinks the Bumbler is saying a man named Nod Min attacked them, Aileen corrects him though).

Aileen, Roland and John's Bumbler move on and set up camp. Late in the night the trio is ambushed by what Roland thinks are spirits, until John's Bumbler bites one. It is then Roland realizes he's up against invisible Not-Men and dispatches them all, but Aileen is killed.

Later, when Roland and John's Bumbler reach Kingstown and meet Susan, more Not Men show up. They kidnap Susan and take her to a Dogan. Roland frees her and Jessica (another captured girl). Outside, another Not-Man gets Susan and John's Bumbler attacks him, biting his neck. The Not Man impales John's Bumbler on a tree branch, and the Bumbler dies.

In many ways John's Bumbler is much like Oy, Jake Chambers' pet Bumbler, in the facts that they both can speak, are sly and intelligent and even the ways they meet their end.