Jamie De Curry
Jamie De Curry
Dr. Laird De Curry (father)

Audrella De Curry (mother)
Dr. Pierce De Curry (grand-father)
Amadeus De Curry (ancestor)
Roland Deschain (ka-mate)
Cuthbert Allgood (ka-mate)

Alain Johns (ka-mate)

Jamie De Curry, real name James De Curry is one of the members of Roland Deschain's original ka-tet and the best scout Roland had ever known. He trained with Roland under Cort as apprentice gunslingers.

Not much is revealed about Jamie in the seven main books in The Dark Tower Series. It is mentioned that his preferred weapons are the bow and arrow or the bah (crossbow) and bolt.

Much more is said about him in the Dark Tower Comics. He was born with a large birthmark on his face. Jamie's father, despite being one of the main doctors in Gilead, was unable to remove it and so was greatly mocked by his peers. It was this taunting that caused a residual anger to grow in him, causing him to want to prove his worth through physical prowess rather than through the study of human anatomy.

His prowess was noticed and he was recruited by Cort due to the lack of Gunslingers at that time and he soon became close friends with Thomas Whitman who joined at the same time as him.

It is also revealed that he sacrificed his life for Roland at Jericho Hill, by pushing him out of the way of the sniper's bullet shot by General Grissom's son Edovacar. Before his death he discovers the Cult of Amoco and helps to destroy it alongside Roland and others.

He always carries a leather pouch of medicinal herbs with him to treat the infections and flesh wounds of a Gunslinger's training.

Role in the Dark Tower SeriesEdit

The Wind Through the KeyholeEdit

During the events of The Wind Through the Keyhole, soon after Roland's mother's death, Steven Deschain sends both Jamie and Roland to the town of Debaria to investigate murders that have been occurring there, rumored to be caused by a skin-man. His birthmark is not mentioned in the book as being on his face, but on his hand. At one point Roland refers to him by the nickname "Jamie Red Hand" as it appears his hand had been dipped in blood. It is not clear wether his birthmark is on his face, or his hand. No mention of a facial birthmark is made in the DT books, though the Marvel comics portray him with a facial mark.

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