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“His status as new riddle champion was short-lived.”
   — Cort

James Farson (also known as Kingson to the people of Gilead) is the nephew to John Farson and was born in Tomesbury to Jack and Jenna. On his second birthday his parents were murdered by billy-bumblers when they went on their first vacation to a nearby cabin in the woods near Tomesbury. John then took him under his wing and raised him as his own.

James saw his uncle as his saviour as he had been told it was The Affiliation who caused his parents' death, when in reality it was arranged by John. Under John he soon became an adept thief and murderer. However, Marten Broadcloak attempted to drive a wedge between the two of them as he revealed the truth of his parents' deaths. Before his own death, James increasingly sided with the Crimson King.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]


Under the guise of Kingson he gives Gabrielle Deschain a dagger which she is supposed to use to kill her husband. He competes in the riddling contest pretending he wished to be the next riddle master which takes place during the gunslingers' coming of age feast. He wins as he swapped Abel Vannay's riddles with his own.

Cort knows he cheated and kills him, finding a signet ring denoting him as one of Farson's men.

The Sorcerer[]

He is resurrected by Walter Padick who then aids him in leaving Gilead through a drawn doorway so he can be reunited with his uncle.

The Fall of Gilead[]

He is seen at the Battle during the Fall of Gilead. However it is not known whether he actually fights in the battle.