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The Drawing of the Three: House of Cards is a five issue series of Dark Tower comics, with the first issue being published on March 25th, 2015 and the last upcoming on July 15th, 2015. The collected edition will be released September 22, 2015.

The comics are based on the second novel in the series, The Drawing of the Three.


The story stars back from where The Prisoner had left it off. Roland compels Eddie to give him the drugs so that he could pass the customs inspection. The gunslinger cuts off the straps keeping the drugs on Eddie’s body and the boy jumps back into the lavatory just in time. The stewards break in the bathroom only to find Eddie sitting on the toilet.

Andolini is waiting for Eddie outside and suspects something has gone wrong. Balazar sends three of his men to bring him Henry Dean.

Back at the airport, Eddie is being questioned by the federal agents at custom. Though, Roland’s voice helps guide him and keep steady, even when Roland has to leave to escape the lobstrosities. Finally, Eddie manages to get the cops off of him.

Henry has been brought to The Leaning Tower, Balazar’s nest. The boss suspects that Eddie has struck a deal with the police and orders one of his henchmen to brin him to his office.

A feverish Roland accompanies Eddie outside of the airport, and the young man buys some aspirin for the infection that the gunslinger is developing. Eddie and Roland teleport some hot dogs and the aspirin into Mid-World and as the gunslinger eats, Eddie manages to get outside of the airport. Roland is visited by a vision of Marten in the cloud, claiming that Eddie will be trapped and die in Mid-World.

Eddie gets in a taxi and discovers he is being followed. Once home, he is taken by Andolini and brought to Balazar’s office as requested. There, the henchmen that abducted Henry cave in and give him a dose of heroine, which kills him. Eddie strikes a deal with Balazar, telling him that he will give him the coke in exchange for his brother.

In the bathroom, Eddie pushes Jack Andolini in the door to Mid-World, where Roland attacks him. After a misfire caused by the wet bullets Roland shoots at Andolini who falls and gets eaten alive by the lobstrosities. Both Roland and Eddie return to Keystone-Earth with a pound of cocaine and a gun each.

Back into the bathroom, Eddie takes all the medicines from the medicine cabinets, while outside Balazar has become impatient. Calling one of his men, Cimi, Balazar is informed that Henry died. Unfortunately for them, Eddie heard too. Roland and Eddie get in a fight with Balazar and his men and manage to kill all of them. or at least, almost all of them. Henry’s head is thrown into the room and Eddie finds himself in a trap trying to shoot having finished his bullets. Roland kills the other man before he can harm Eddie.

Roland pushes Eddie to leave the office and the duo gets back to Mid-World just in time, as the Swat enters the building.

Roland closes The Prisoner door behind them, condemning Eddie to a painful withdrawal. As they fall asleep, Roland dreams once again of a deck of cards. At his awakening, Eddie notices how Roland has got worse and tries to kill himself, without success. Giving the gunslinger more medicine, Eddie hears him talking about the battle of Jericho Hill and all his dead loved ones. As he comes to the realization that in order to change his past he must change himself, the gunslinger awakens for a short period of time. Eddie manages to kill and cook one of the lobstrosities. He then makes a sort of carrier and starts moving north with the unconscious Roland. During one of his moments of lucidity, Roland claims Eddie to be extremely similar to Cuthbert since they have the same terrible sense of humour. Eddie also analyses his sense of guilt regarding his brother but manages to keep on following the gunslinger in the pursuit of the new door: The Lady of Shadows.