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Horn of Eld

The Horn of Eld

The Horn of Eld is the personal horn of Arthur Eld. It was passed down the generations until it reached Roland Deschain.

Originally, the Horn was lost in the battle of Jericho Hill. Roland had given the Horn to Cuthbert Allgood, who blew it until he died. Roland neglected to obey his friend's final wishes and left the Horn at Jericho Hill.

Upon the resumption of his quest to reach the Dark Tower, Roland is once again in possession of the Horn. In this iteration of the cycle, Roland remembered to retrieve the Horn at Jericho Hill. His possession of the Horn may be a sign that Roland is closer to his redemption.


Stephen King's inspiration for the Horn of Eld almost certainly comes from the French poem, "The Song of Roland". In it, there is a battle that bears some similarities to the Battle of Jericho Hill. The Roland mentioned in the poem dies as he calls for reinforcements, from the exertion of blowing the horn. It is likely also due to the Robert Browning poem "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came", which inspired the entire series; the titular charater Roland blows his horn as he approaches the Dark Tower.

Dark Tower Movie[]

First look at the Horn of Eld for the movie adaptation.