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Herkimer "Herk" Avery is the Sherriff of Hambry and meets Roland, Alain and Cuthbert upon their arrival.

He is a large, broad-shouldered, big-bellied, frog-eyes man who loves food, humour and crass jokes. Despite his appearance his rotund guts is mostly muscle and he can always be found wearing the khaki pants and shirt of a lawman, with the tin star denoting his position. He is quite lazy as he mostly delegates his team of deputy lawmen to do his dirty work.

His base of operation is at Hambry Sheriff's Office and in addition to his small team he has hired a team of young deputies all former farmers boys who wear the same khaki outfits as he does who all help out during events at Seafront. He was known to be quite corrupt.

He forces the three boys and the Big Coffin Hunters to call a truce and cry each others pardon after they have a stand-off.

He is later killed by Susan Delgado when she frees the three gunslingers from Hambry prison.