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Hendrickson is a hamlet in the Barony of New Canaan. It has a population of about 2,200 and its main export is iron ore which it sends to Taunton.


Hamlet of Hendrickson

After Arthur Eld and his Knights killed the snake Saita he realized he needed his knights to have firearms as he did. So, he sent prospectors out to find valuable sources of iron, which were eventually found at the foot of The Shaved Mountains; Hendrickson was founded at the source. The iron ore was sent to Taunton to be made into steel.

The town's importance grew as more and more guns fell into the hands of Farson's forces as they needed to out-compete their enemy.

John Farson realised the importance of the town to The Affiliation and so poisoned the animal feed there, killing the livestock and causing mining operation to halt temporarily. Production picked back up afterwards. It was still a source of concern for Steven Deschain, who feared that the hamlet would eventually be cut off by Farson's forces and cutting off their supply of iron.