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The Hambry Sheriff Department is a group of lawmen all who work to protect the residents of Hambry, they are led by Herkimer Avery.

There base of operations is the Sheriffs office at the top of Hill Street in Hambry which shares it's architecture with the Post Office and Gathering Hall. The main office of the building houses the Sheriff's entire arsenal which is merely two ancient rifles kept in a gun case. To the left of these is a door which leads to the jail which consists of three small cells located on each side of a small corridor. In addition to the two guns they rely on bolas, crossbows and various daggers to used against criminals.

Most of its member we're known to have been quite corrupt with the exception of Dave Hollis who wished to one day return the department to its better day when it was more competent.

Of late they have sought out an alliance with the Horseman's Association in efforts to assist John Farson. When the three gunslinger's Roland, Alain and Cuthbert arrived in Hambry they were tasked to monitor them and ensure they didn't learn of their allegiance to Farson.