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The village of Hambry

Hambry is the capital of the barony of Mejis, located along the coast of the Clean Sea. They have an estimated population of 4,500 residents.

Their major crops consist of corn, beans, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, sharproot, pumpkins and oranges. The majority of the population are horse breeders, fishermen and farmers. Many outsiders see the residents as 'hicks' who lack culture and sophistication.

Most of the buildings along the high street are built from adobe, although a few of the older buildings that overlook the business district are made of brick.

In the village can be found:

The Gathering Hall houses a gas-fired refrigerator and stove and shares its architecture with the Post Office and Sheriff's Office. The village has five oil powered generators; however, they cannot run off the oil from Citgo, as it is too thick and tarry.

Hambry was once loyal to the Affiliation. Lately, however, their once-lucrative fishing trade has decreased, and support from the Affiliation has decreased as Farson gained power. It is this that led to Kimba Rimer taking power and beginning the slow conversion of the wealthy landowners into supporting Farson.

It serves as part of the main setting of Wizard and Glass. Roland is sent to Hambry by his father to take inventory of the town and barony's resources.