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Gasher is a member of the Grays, whose leader is Andrew Quick. He is in the final stages of a disease called mandrus or the "whore blossoms".

Appearance and Personality[]

When he appears for Roland's ka-tet in the decaying bridge of River Send, he is wearing a yellow scarf in his head, big earrings. One of his eyes is covered by a bandage, and he has many purple bruises in his face.

He is a mean, unscrupulous man who has nothing left to lose. It is possible he was homosexual as he had a former lover called Hoots.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

The Waste Lands[]

He manages to sneak up on the ka-tet as they are crossing the bridge into Lud. Threatening to explode a grenade, he kidnaps Jake. He runs through the city towards Quick's underground base. He becomes abusive when Jake slows down.

When he reaches Quick's base, he is unable to remember the password and unable to read it on the paper given to him. He has Jake read it to enter the base. After Roland Deschain's arrival with Oy, Gasher is shot in the ensuing struggle.