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Garlan is a Barony located in Mid-World, to the west of Gilead . Aunt Talitha of River Crossing states citizens of Garlan have dark skin. It is a tobacco growing region, supposed home to the Grand Featherex and many poisons are produced here. There have also been stories of dragons that lived in this land.

It is possible that the Barony known as Garland is actually this Barony and that a mere spelling error was made in the Guide to Gilead Comic.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

  • In a flashback during volume I it is said that Garlan is west of New Canaan and directly before the Mohaine Desert. Due to this and the fact that Roland traveled a long way west following Walter it can be assumed that he traveled through Garlan at one point
  • The poison that coated the knife intended to kill Steven Deschain came from this area.
  • Eldred Jonas is taken hostage here and received a vicious whipping, possibly during the time of civil war which erupted in the Barony.
  • Walter Padick spent time here under the name of Walter Hodji learning of the various poisons and also under the initials R.F.
  • Roland Deschain's grandfather, Alaric, once went to Garlan to slay a dragon, only to find that it had already been slaughtered by another king. This king is potentially King Roland from The Eyes of the Dragon, who had killed a dragon and had its head mounted.
  • It was either here or in Desoy that John Farson began to gain followers.
  • In Eyes of the Dragon it is mentioned that Flagg might be from Garlan.