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Fran Lengyll is President of the Horseman's Association and an ally of John Farson, he was one of the men who first met the Big Coffin Hunters when they first arrived in Hambry.

He was a large man with wind-burned cheeks, pale eyes and a heavy grey-blonde moustache and could be seen wearing a box-tail coat and a string tie with a broad-collared duster. He is the owner of the Rocking B Ranch facing the Western Drop and also owns the only machine gun in Mejis as well as the largest generator.

He murdered Susan Delgado's father Pat as he didn't wish to join Farson, although he tells her his death was an accident.

He was one of the men who wished to join Farson's side, supplying him with horses instead of The Affiliation. He is instructed to send some of his men to protect the oil patch at Citgo; he was shot in the head when the oil patch was attacked by Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns. His machine gun was later picked up by Roland and his ka-tet and used against Farson's men to blow up the oil tanks.