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The Fedic Dogan, located deep in the heart of End-World, was once the Fedic headquarters of North Central Positronics. The center of the Great Old Ones' research, this installation focused its efforts on the fusion of technology and the magic of the Prim. This station is the only outpost of its kind left.

Although degraded over the centuries, the Dogan’s technology is still operational. It is here where Mia’s transformation from spirit to flesh is made possible. This Dogan’s technological magic also made the conception and birth of Mordred (child of four parents) possible.

The Crimson King’s servants began to use this experimental station to extract the twin-telepathy enzyme from the children of the Borderland Callas. They did this in the Extraction Room, which is also the room in which Mia gives birth to Mordred.

The Fedic Dogan is connected to Castle Discordia by a series of subterranean tunnels. The Fedic Dogan and the adjacent castle are said to contain 595 operational doorways between worlds.

The Fedic Dogan is also referred to as North Central Positronics LTD, Fedic Headquarters, Arc Experimental Station, and The Dogan of All Dogans.

Known subsections of the Fedic Dogan complex: