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Fair Days are festivals held at certain points of the year according to the ancient agricultural calendar. These all coincide with the subtle and varied seasons within the harvest cycle and are called Winter, Wide-Earth, Sowing, Mid-Summer, Full-Earth, Reaping and Year's End. They act as a way to pay homage to the gods of old, but also to mark important dates on the agricultural calendar.

The Winter Fair Day (also known as the Feast of Yarin) is celebrated during the bitterest moon of the entire year, acting as a way to break the monotony of the cold and snow of winter. This is later followed by Wide-Earth, celebrated during winter/early spring to mark the first stirring of new vegetation. Afterwards come the Sowing Fair Day (also known as the festival of New-Earth and Fresh Commala) which, like Wide-Earth, is very sacred to the Queen O'Green Days and during these Fair Days basket offerings are given filled with sharproot, gourds and winterberries to try to gain her favor.

They act as more than just religious days, acting also as carnival days with each having its own ritual. During Sowing the Sowing Night Cotillion is carried out and during Mid-Summer (also known as Glowing Day) fireworks are used.

Central to all Fair Days are riddling competitions, but the most important riddling competitions were held during Wide Earth and Full Earth as the quality of these competitions were supposed to augur the success of the crops.